Everyone deserves
A Bright Spot in the day!

Who doesn’t like surprise mail? A Bright Spot sends uplifting messages to anyone who could use a kind letter, note, or card.

Simple as that. 

We aim to make others feel seen, heard, appreciated, supported, and loved.
We do this through supportive cards and notes. Who doesn’t like a surprise “Bright Spot in their day?”
Whatever the need for A Bright Spot, we’ll be there to brighten the day with a card or uplifting note.

We send free cards to individuals, caregivers, hospitalized children and seniors,
deployed service members, or anyone who needs a reminder that they are loved and appreciated.

We are moving our Operations!

Our new card shipping address is:
44573 Yarmouth Dr.,
Ashburn, VA 20147 


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The Power of Cards

The findings of the recent experiments, carried out by the Brighton-based independent laboratory Mindlab, confirmed that greeting cards increase the sense of well-being. [SEE THE FULL ARTICLE]

u003cemu003eSimply put, if you receive one, you feel better. Time is the most precious gift anyone can give. So, if someone spends time choosing, writing then giving or posting a greeting card, the recipient knows they have been given some of the sender’s precious time …u003c/emu003e
Leading Neuroscientist

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